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GED Connection

How to Start with GED Connection Online Lessons
After you Register and log in, start with a practice test. The practice tests can help you plan how you will use the GED Connection learning activities to improve your skills and knowledge. The tests will be scored automatically and you will get immediate feedback as to what was wrong and why. (An Official Practice Test should be available at an adult learning center near you.)

Take the GED practice test #1 in each subject area before you begin the learning modules or quizzes in that subject area to find out which skills you need to strengthen. After you log in, go to GED Connection and select a subject area (like Reading). You can scroll down to the Practice Tests and begin. If you need help in a particular area, work on those learning activities.

Click on a GED subject area module or an Internet Activity/Quiz to begin your study. Each learning module relates to a single topic. You'll find an overview of the subjects covered, have a chance to see how much you already know about the topic, and visit websites where you'll complete related activities. The learning modules involve exploration, reading and writing practice and cannot be completed in one sitting. You'll be able to write your answers in your portfolio. Be sure to SAVE your work!

The quizzes are short activities that help you practice answering the kinds of questions you'll find on the GED test. Each Quiz topic matches the title of a GED Connection TV program/video and a GED Connection workbook chapter. The quizzes are scored automatically and give immediate feedback.

After completing the learning module, take practice test #2 in the same subject area to see how you improved. When you feel more confident in your skills in all five subject areas, you can take the Official Practice Test or register to take the GED test in your local area.

Click here to find out what the 39 GED Connection lessons are about.

Three full-color workbooks—Language Arts: Reading and Writing, Science and Social Studies, and Mathematics—cover all five subject areas and provide lots of skill-building and test-taking practice. Each workbook chapter corresponds to a video program and related online activities. “Before You Watch” sections orient students to the video programs. “After You Watch” sections provide direct instruction and skill practice. Each workbook also contains a pre-test and a practice test to help students evaluate their GED readiness in that subject area; an answer key, complete with explanations; a reference handbook, with additional resources for GED preparation; a glossary; and an index.

You can order each workbook separately for , or buy the 3-book set for (plus shipping and handling). Call KET at 1-800-354-9067 to order, or order online.

TV/Video Lessons
The 39 GED Connection lessons are available as TV programs or VHS tapes. Watch them on a public TV station near you, and tape them on your VCR to use at home. Videos of the 39 lesson series are available for purchase for classroom, business or organizational use.

Each program is about a half-hour long and goes with a workbook chapter and an online lesson. An orientation program introduces the basic concepts and ideas covered in the series. It explains how the videos, workbooks and online lessons work together.

To find a public TV station airing GED Connection lessons, you can log in and enter your zip code in the box above. Or find your station from our station map.