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Workplace Essential Skills

How to Start with Workplace Essential Skills Online Lessons
An online lesson is one that you complete using a computer with Internet access. After you Register and log in, you can work on the lessons anytime, at any place that is convenient for you. You will answer questions related to the key ideas and vocabulary in the videos and the websites. As you do the Internet activities, you will visit many different websites on the World Wide Web.

The Activities in the lessons are interactive. This means that you will use the knowledge you are studying, rather than just read it. You will connect to websites that help explain and give examples of the subjects you are studying. You type your answers and save them in your "portfolio." You can add to your answers, change them, or redo the lessons as often as you'd like.

Click here to find out what the 24 lessons are about.

Four student workbooks (Employment, Communication and Writing, Reading, and Math) expand upon the Workplace Essential Skills programs. Each workbook begins with a skills preview pre-test and evaluation chart to help students determine their strengths and weaknesses before they begin. "After You Watch" sections contain instruction, enrichment activities, and practice exercises. Both pre- and post-tests are followed by answer keys. Each workbook closes with a glossary, an index, and a reference manual containing explanations, formulas, document templates, and other useful items.

You can order each workbook separately for , or buy the 4-book set for (plus shipping and handling). Call KET at 1-800-354-9067 to order, or order online.

TV/Video Lessons
The 24 Workplace Essential Skills lessons are available as TV programs or VHS tapes. Watch the lessons on a public TV station near you, or tape them on your VCR to use at home. Videos of the 24-lesson series are available for purchase for classroom, business or organizational use.

Each program is about a half-hour long and goes with a workbook chapter and an online lesson. An orientation program introduces the basic concepts and ideas covered in the series. It explains how the videos, workbooks and online lessons work together.

To find a public TV station airing Workplace Essential Skills lessons, you can log in and enter your zip code in the box. Or find your station from our station map.