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Come rub virtual elbows with some of literacy's most shining stars. Find out why adult learning is so important in their lives and see their answers to questions from Forum readers.

LiteracyLink Forum with Curtis Aikens: celebrity chef, TV star, father, entrepreneur, businessman, adult learner, vegetable lover, and more (2009)
You know him from his popular television shows on the Food Network. Now celebrity chef Curtis Aikens talks about how learning to read at age 26 changed his life even more than stardom — and about his abiding passion to help other adults see that change in their own lives. Says Aikens, "adult educators don’t change lives, they save them." Read about his passion for reading.

LiteracyLink Forum with Earlene Jefferson: Ripping off the educational labels (2008)
Earlene Jefferson knows how words can shape a future—and how to meet the challenge of 'labels.' For Earlene, the power to turn things around arose from a motivating teacher—a role she now enjoys. Read about her path to success.

LiteracyLink Forum with Murray Meszaros: "IQ = IQ, but EQ ≠ EQ" (2008)
He’s been with the Utah State Office of Education for more than 18 years, serving as GED Testing administrator for 12 years. He established testing centers in rural areas to ensure that testing is widely available; he led the development of an innovative multimedia campaign to promote the GED test and he oversees a GED website that has received high praise. GED Testing Service honored him with the 2007 Distinguished Service Award. Meet Forum guest Murray Meszaros and read his advice on starting back to school.

LiteracyLink Forum with Tonya Crum: Meet one of the people behind the educational products you love (2008)
Whether she’s working with community workforce development to promote adult education, college courses, or professional development, Tonya Crum knows the power of words. Meet Tonya Crum and read her answer to Forum visitor Elizabeth Castanon.

LiteracyLink Forum with Sondra Stein: A Lifetime in Literacy (2007)
Adult educators know Sondra Stein from conferences, workshops, panels, and advisory boards, from her extensive work with the National Institute for Literacy (NIFL), Equipped for the Future (EFF), and, most recently, the new National Work Readiness Credential, to name a few. While most adult learners won’t know her name, they’ve benefited greatly from Stein’s dedication and tireless effort on their behalf. Meet Sondra Stein and read her answer to a Staten Island Forum reader's request for advice on structuring an in-house women's literacy program.

LiteracyLink Forum with Keith Rinker: "There is absolutely no excuse for not getting a GED. It is a must." (2006)
It took educational opportunities he found as an enlisted man to teach Keith Rinker that school could be fun. Self-motivation, a GED and skills acquired during his military life continue to support Rinker's mission. Meet Keith Rinker, certified nuclear welder, ordained minister, family man, life-long learner, and read his answers to your Forum questions.

LiteracyLink Forum with Alex Quinn: On A Learning Journey (2005)
Long ago, Alex Quinn discovered a common theme in stories from many cultures: the main character had to overcome many obstacles on his journey to reach his destination. Meet Alex Quinn, executive director of the Adult Literacy Media Alliance (ALMA), and read his answers to questions about the adult learning journey from LiteracyLink visitors.

LiteracyLink Forum with Rosie Maum: Making Connections for English Language Learners (2005)
While Rosie Maum brings firsthand experience in person to adults learning English in Louisville, her reach extends much farther. Now learners across the country can benefit from her experience through Project CONNECT online. As part of the team who developed and tested this Internet-based program to help non-English speaking adults become literate in English, Maum demonstrates the opportunity to access language skills and culture through interactivity. Meet Rosie, hear her story and read her answers to questions from LiteracyLink learners and teachers.

LiteracyLink Forum with Dr. Jerome Johnston: Riding the Technology Wave (2005)
A researcher who studies technology as a medium for teaching and learning, Jere Johnston supports teachers of adult learners through Project IDEAL. Share his ideas on technology's use to enrich professional development and empower the learner, and read his answers to Forum readers' questions.

LiteracyLink Forum: On Air with Lynn Parr Bartlett (2004)
Lynn Parr Bartlett is production developer for the San Juan Unified School District. Lynn couples instructional materials from KET with live teachers on air to create unique learning experiences for adults in northern California. Meet Lynn and read her answers to questions from LiteracyLink visitors.

LiteracyLink Forum with Hasan Davis (2003)
Hasan Davis, J.D. is an educator, a performer, a literacy activist. Through Empowerment Solutions, he works with young people and adult learners alike, to help them find their voice, sense of personal power, sense of self-respect and dignity. Meet Hasan as he speaks to LiteracyLink visitors online. Read Hasan's answers.

LiteracyLink Forum with Molly Robertson: A Bigger Plan (1999)
This former teen mother and high school dropout who returned to get her GED degree now directs a successful GED support service for adults. Read Molly's update on GED ON TV from Focus On Basic's last issue. Read her answers to your Forum questions.

Question and Answer Forum
Visitors to the website were invited to e-mail literacy-related questions for LiteracyLink's Forum guests. You can use the links above to read their answers.

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