GED Connection - Internet Activity


Online modules
Each Online Learning Module is an in-depth, interactive lesson designed to provide practice and develop GED test-taking skills. Each module has several units, and each unit contains a set of activities. The modules may take a week or more to complete. You can work on the lessons anytime, at any place convenient for you that has Internet access. You'll answer GED-type questions related to test subject areas, and log on to websites to find and apply information needed to complete GED Connection exercises.

As you type your answers and save them, you are gaining writing practice and building a "portfolio" of work online. You can add to your answers, revise and change them, or redo the lessons if you wish. Your portfolio work will strengthen your skills and help prepare you for the essay portion of the GED.

Internet activities
GED Connection activities are divided into five parts - About, Key Ideas, Activity, Quiz, and Follow Up. You can see which part you are in by looking at the buttons directly beneath the activity's title. The dark (or depressed) button indicates your place in the activity.

The "Key Ideas" section contains a list of definitions or ideas to consider. Notice the list of underlined terms (or hyperlinks) towards the top of the page. These words link to different places on the same page; these words are called anchors, and they will help you navigate.

The "Activity" section is always divided into tasks. You will also find two text boxes. In order to complete the activity, you must enter information into these boxes.

Read the text on the page. When you are ready to enter information into a text box, position your cursor inside the box, click and begin typing. Be sure to click on the "Save to Portfolio" button when you have finished each entry. If you do not hit this button after you complete the entries, your work will not be saved.

When you are ready to move on, click on the "Follow Up" button at the top of the page.

The "Follow Up" section presents additional questions or ideas on topics covered in the Internet activity. In this section, you are asked to complete exercises that reinforce important points in the activity.

Read the instructions presented on the page. You may be asked to reflect on or add to your portfolio entries (completed in the "Activity" step). If this is the case, you can click on the "Activity" button to return to the previous step. If you would like to add more text to your original entry, simply click in the second text box and begin typing. Be sure to save your work by clicking on the "Save to Portfolio" button.

When you are finished with your "Follow Up" assignment, you can click on the "Return to Unit's Main Page" button at the bottom of the page.

An online Activity and Quiz corresponds to each of the 39 GED Connection lessons and workbook chapters. As you visit activity websites, you'll gain practice reading content and answering the different kinds of questions that will be used on the GED test. The quizzes are scored automatically, and give immediate feedback.

Practice Tests
The LiteracyLink Practice Tests were created from the same pool of questions provided by the GED Testing service for the "Official Practice Test" (OPT).

Half the length of the OPT, they are designed to help you plan how to use the GED Connection learning activities to improve your skills and knowledge for the GED test. The online practice tests are scored automatically and will give you immediate feedback as to what was wrong and why.