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Some activities require a PDF reader.
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Online Activities

Workplace Essential Skills

Workplace Essential Skills has four subject areas. Click on a subject (e.g., Reading at Work), then click on a unit (e.g. Unit 18: Following Directions).

In both the Video Activity and the Internet Activity sections, you will find a subsection called "Activity," where you will type comments or answers in a text box. After you finish typing, click on the button below the text box to save your work in your portfolio.

Pre-GED Connection

Pre-GED Connection has five subject areas, just like the GED exam. Click on a subject (e.g., Math), and you'll go to a page with a list of topics.

Each topic has a sentence with a link to a website outside LiteracyLink, where you can learn more about the subject and get practice learning online. The sites weren't chosen just because they're informative - they're interesting, too!

GED Connection

GED Connection is covers the same five subjects as the GED exam. Click on a subject (e.g., Reading). Each subject has Learning Modules, Test Taking Tips, Internet Activities and two Practice Tests. You may want to start by taking a practice test to see how strong your skills are.

Both the Learning Modules and the Internet Activities sections have "Activity" subsections where you will type comments or answers in a text box. The Internet Activities section contains links to external websites where you'll go for more information. You can copy text from the website you visit and paste the text into your text boxes. Be sure to click the Save button below each text box to save your work in your portfolio.


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