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LiteracyLink Mail

How to Use the Messaging System

The LiteracyLink e-messaging System performs two primary functions:

  • To enable a teacher and a learner in a LiteracyLink virtual classroom to communicate about LiteracyLink instructional content; and
  • To enable users to easily request and receive technical support and customer service assistance from PBS.

How to read your teacher's e-mails
To use the LiteracyLink Message Center, teachers and learners must both agree to an e-mail user policy.

The first message you will receive is an automated message announcing the name of the teacher that has agreed to be your online teacher. After receiving this, check in your Portfolio frequently to see if your teacher has commented on your work.

To read a message, click on the Message Center in your Home Space. Then click on the blue line under each message title. If a message does not appear, numbers will indicate additional pages. Click on each number to view pages of additional messages.

After you read a message and want to delete it, click on the Delete button. Click on the Refresh button after deleting messages. You can also Save any message you choose. To view Saved messages, click the Saved icon. The Trash icon allows you to view your deleted messages.

Use the LiteracyLink Message Center to request help or support.

From your Home Space, click the Message Center link. Click the Write a Message link, and you'll see one or more address book icons, such as or . The Help/Support icon will address the message to the LiteracyLink online support desk. Click the icon to address your message, then type your message in the box.

The Virtual Classroom icon allows teachers to send messages to learners and the learners can send messages to his/her teacher. Click the icon to address your message, then type your message in the box. If you want to save the message, just check the "copy self" box before you send it.

How to Use the Messaging System
The virtual classroom's e-messaging system allows messages to be exchanged between teachers and learners who have been accepted into a classroom. Teachers can e-mail an individual learner or an entire class. All users can send a message to LiteracyLink's technical support/customer service. Learners cannot communicate with each other.

Reading Messages
When the mailbox graphic and text message "You have new mail" appears, you need to check your mailbox. Click on the mailbox graphic to read your mail. At other times, you'll see "no new messages."

To read a message in your in-box, click on the text link (blue line) of the message. Unless the message is automated (like a teacher receives when a learner asks to join a virtual class) you can Reply. You can also Save, Delete, or Close the message by clicking on the appropriate button or graphic.

Click on the Refresh button after deleting messages. Click on the Saved icon to access your saved messages and the Trash icon to view your deleted messages.

Use the Recheck button to check for new mail.

When a learner opens his or her portfolio to a teacher for review, a message will appear in the teacher's mailbox with the learner's name and request to be added to that virtual class. If the learner is accepted, an acceptance message from the teacher is sent to the learner's mailbox.

Sending Messages
Please note that before you will be allowed to send a message or reply to an incoming message for the first time, you will be prompted to read and agree to a user policy. If you do not agree to the user policy, you cannot send messages.

Teachers can Write a Message to one learner or to everyone in his or her virtual class. To e-mail individual learners, click on the Manage My Virtual Classroom button in your Home Space, access your class roster, and then click on the Happy Face icon next to the learner's name.

Teachers can send messages to the entire class or to individual students. Click on the Manage My Virtual Classroom button in your Home Space, access your class roster, and then click on the box next to the name of each learner you want to send to. To keep a copy of standard messages you want to be able to send again, copy and paste the message into a word-processor document and copy it each time. To keep a record of your communication with learners, copy yourself.

To return to your Home Space use the little house graphic at the top of your screen.

Use the Back and Forward buttons in your Browser to go back and forth between pages. Students MUST use the back button to go back to their portfolio after visiting the Website featured in an Internet activity.

The learner can ONLY communicate with his or her teacher, and LiteracyLink customer service for technical assistance.

To check your message center from your Home Space, click on the little envelope graphic under the title graphic header. If there are no messages, the envelope graphic won't appear.


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