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Portfolio: Reading your teacher's comments about your work

Your online work is stored in your portfolio, where you will see a list of the activities you have completed. From this page, you can access past units or activities; you can see your work and your teacher's responses. This page also displays the date that you saved a particular activity to your portfolio - and the date that your teacher reviewed your work.

To read your teacher's comments from your Home Space, click on the Portfolio button. A summary of all the work you have saved will be listed in your portfolio. A gold star next to an activity means your teacher has reviewed that work. To read the teacher's comments and also the answers you wrote, click on the activity under the Title.

If the teacher has marked your assignment as Attempted, read the comments and do any additional work that is suggested. If your teacher has marked your entry as Completed, no more work is needed. If you want to review the actual activity to see what was asked and what you wrote, click on the activity title.

To make changes to your work, highlight the part of the text you want to change and type your new answer over it, or delete it and write your new answer.

If your teacher had commented on this lesson before and you want to review the comments, click on the History button. Any comments about the Practice Tests and quiz results will be sent to you through the message center. If you have questions about what the teacher has written, use the message center or write a note inside the Activity.


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