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Student Registration

  • Go to the Registration page.
  • Fill out the Registration Form, making sure to indicate that you are a learner, and then click Submit.
  • For students to be placed in a particular teacher’s Virtual Classroom, they must:
    • From their Home Space click Teacher.
    • Choose the state where they’re working and click List Programs.
    • Find the appropriate program and click the Choose button.
    • Find the teacher and click the Choose button next to his/her name.
  • To do work, they will simply click on WES, Pre-GED, GED Connection under Lessons and Resources. From here they can choose the lessons they want to complete.

Teacher Registration

  • Go to the Registration page.
  • Fill out the Registration Form, making sure to indicate that you are a teacher, and then click Submit.

OMS Operations

  • After logging into, you'll be taken to the LL OMS Home Space.
  • To open your Virtual Classroom to learners:
    • Click Profile and then Teacher Profile.
    • Fill out this profile completely, but most importantly fill in your OMS Key under Your Program. When completed, click Submit.
    • Return to the Home Space by clicking Home Space in the gray navigation bar at the top of the top of the page.
    • Click Activate My Virtual Classroom and identify if you want to open your classroom for enrollment just for your learners or to also be listed as a LiteracyLink Volunteer teacher to help serve other learners across the country. Then click Update.
  • Click on Manage My Virtual Classroom to see:
    • A list of learners and the work they've completed.
    • A check box to check to either Approve or Remove a learner in your virtual classroom. Do so by choosing the appropriate action and clicking Do It. You will then be prompted to write a welcoming email message.
    • A checkbox to check and then click Mail and Do It (below the list) to send a message through the internal email system. (Good for learners who have been idle for extensive periods of time.)
    • A star (star) under the column where they've done new work. (They are waiting for your feedback.)
    • Days Idle: Number of days it has been since they last logged in.
  • To provide feedback: Click on the learner's name - now you'll be looking at their portfolio. Again, you'll see the star (star) where there's new work. Click on the particular title/area where you want to give feedback.
    • When you see the Activity and the learner's response, scroll down and provide feedback in the box titled New Feedback and then click Save.
    • After saving your feedback, you can click continue and then also rate the item either Attempted or Completed. Then click Mark.
  • When finished responding to this item, you can click the learner's portfolio in the gray navigation bar at the top of the page to go back and provide feedback on other activities.


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