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Online Activities

Workplace Essential Skills

Workplace Essential Skills has four subject areas. Click on a subject (e.g., Reading at Work), then click on a unit (e.g. Unit 18: Following Directions).

In both the Video Activity and the Internet Activity sections, you will find a subsection called "Activity," where you will type comments or answers in a text box. After you finish typing, click on the button below the text box to save your work in your portfolio.

Pre-GED Connection

Pre-GED Connection has five subject areas, just like the GED exam. Click on a subject (e.g., Math), and you'll go to a page with a list of topics.

Each topic has a sentence with a link to a website outside LiteracyLink, where you can learn more about the subject and get practice learning online. The sites weren't chosen just because they're informative - they're interesting, too!

GED Connection

GED Connection is covers the same five subjects as the GED exam. Click on a subject (e.g., Reading). Each subject has Learning Modules, Test Taking Tips, Internet Activities and two Practice Tests. You may want to start by taking a practice test to see how strong your skills are.

Both the Learning Modules and the Internet Activities sections have "Activity" subsections where you will type comments or answers in a text box. The Internet Activities section contains links to external websites where you'll go for more information. You can copy text from the website you visit and paste the text into your text boxes. Be sure to click the Save button below each text box to save your work in your portfolio.

Workplace Essential Skills - Internet Activity

Workplace Essential Skills video activities are divided into four parts - About, Key Ideas, Activity, and Follow Up. You can see which part you are in, by looking at the buttons directly beneath the activity's title. The dark button indicates your place in the activity.

The "Key Ideas" section contains a list of definitions or ideas to consider. Notice the list of underlined terms (or hyperlinks) towards the top of the page. These words link to different places on the same page; these words are called anchors, and they will help you navigate.

The "Activity" section is always divided into tasks. You will also find two text boxes. In order to complete the activity, you must enter information into these boxes.

Read the text on the page. When you are ready to enter information into a text box, position your cursor inside the box, click and begin typing. Be sure to click on the "Save to Portfolio" button when you have finished each entry. If you do not hit this button after you complete the entries, your work will not be saved.

When you are ready to move on, click on the "Follow Up" button at the top of the page.

The "Follow Up" section presents additional questions or ideas on topics covered in the Internet activity. In this section, you are asked to complete exercises that reinforce important points in the activity.

Read the instructions presented on the page. You may be asked to reflect on or add to your portfolio entries (completed in the "Activity" step). If this is the case, you can click on the "Activity" button to return to the previous step. If you would like to add more text to your original entry, simply click in the second text box and begin typing. Be sure to save your work by clicking on the "Save to Portfolio" button.

When you are finished with your "Follow Up" assignment, you can click on the "Return to Unit's Main Page" button at the bottom of the page.

When you are ready to enter information into a text box, position your cursor over the box, click and begin typing. Be sure to click on the "Save to Portfolio" button when you have finished each entry. If you do not hit this button after you complete the entries, your work will not be saved.

Workplace Essential Skills Video Clips

To play the video, click on the photo at the right side of the page. When you play the video, it will first be downloaded to your computer. Your browser must be configured correctly to be able to play the video. The time it takes to do this will vary according to the speed of your Internet connection. Your browser should show you the progress of the download as it happens.

If you do not see the video after the download is complete, please be sure of the following:

  • Your computer is capable of displaying it

    Your computer must have a color monitor capable of displaying thousands of colors (nearly all computers made after 1994 do), and you need whatever display hardware is appropriate (PCs running DOS, Windows or Linux need a correctly-configured video card; Macintoshes use built-in video).

  • You have the QuickTime plug-in installed

    The QuickTime plug-in tells your browser to play the video using the supplied video player software. If you click the video, but see a "save as" dialog box asking where on your computer to save the video, or see nothing at all, then your browser is probably not configured correctly. You can call the LiteracyLink Help Desk at KET (800) 354-9067 for assistance. Some videos can be viewed using RealPlayer ®.

Managing your windows

Depending on how your browser is set up, you will either see the video play in the current window or a new window will open containing the video.

If the video plays in the current window, use your browser's "back" button to return to the WES unit when you have finished watching. If a new window opens, close the window when you have finished watching the video. The WES unit window should still be open underneath.

Help with Real Player

If you do not yet have RealPlayer ® on your system, you may download the software from RealNetworks. Follow the link or click on the icon to access an archive of downloadable free players. You will be asked to specify your operating system, browser, and Internet connection speed and the RealPlayer version you would like. KET's streaming media requires RealPlayer G2 or any newer version.

For more recent versions of the free player optimized for the newest operating systems, or to order the premium (paid) version of the software, go to the RealNetworks home page. A text link to the latest free version can be found toward the bottom of the page.

RealPlayer ® Minimum System Requirements (G2 version): Better systems and faster connection speeds will provide smoother performance
Windows ®:
  • 120MHz Intel Pentium ® processor or equivalent (audio only); 200MHz recommended
  • 16MB of RAM-32MB recommended
  • 28.8Kpbs Internet connection
  • 16-bit sound card and speakers
  • 65,000-color video display card (video)
  • Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows 2000 ME (final release version only), or Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 4
  • Browser support: Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 4.0.1 or later or Netscape® 4.0 or later
Macintosh ®:
  • Mac OS 8.1 or later
  • 32 MB RAM
  • Virtual memory turned on, set to 64MB
  • 604 PowerPC (200 MHz or better)
  • 28.8Kpbs Internet connection
  • Browser support: Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 4.01 or later or Netscape® 4.05 or later

Video clips on CD-ROM
If your computer does not have fast access to the Internet, you can order a CD-ROM containing the 24 Workplace Essential Skills video clips from the video series and used in the online lessons for $5. As you work online, your computer grabs the video clips quickly from the CD-ROM, rather than the Internet, saving considerable time. Call KET (800-354-9067) to order.

Read Transcript
On this page, you will find a transcription of the video; you will be able to read the dialogue and commentary that takes place in the videos. This transcript can be useful if you anticipate a slow download time, and you would like to read the content of the video clip before watching the video.

If you experience any problems with video playback, please call the LiteracyLink Help Desk at KET (800) 354-9067 for assistance.

Workplace Essential Skills Technical Specifications

The following computer technology is necessary to access Workplace Essential Skills and GED Connection online lessons.

  • At least a 486 processor for a PC or at least a 68040 processor for a Mac
  • Windows 95 or Mac OS 7.5, or higher
  • 16 MB RAM or more memory
  • 28.8 modem (or faster Internet connection)
  • Sound card plus speakers or earphones
  • Internet access
  • Netscape Communicator (Version 6.0 or higher), or Microsoft Internet Explorer browser (version 4.0 or higher), or AOL browser (version 5.0 or higher)
  • Quick Time version 3.2 or higher. Download it for free from (Needed for Workplace Essential Skills but not GED Connection)
  • Video clip CD-ROM may be necessary to play the online video clips in Workplace Essential Skills. If you use an ordinary home telephone line for Internet access, You can order one from KET for $5. Call (800) 354-9067 to find out how.

To make the site widely accessible, LiteracyLink is developed strictly to the W3C HTML standards, and integrates the principles of the Web Accessibility Initiative to fully support users with disabilities. We use no browser-specific markup. LiteracyLink may be viewed with any browser that correctly renders HTML 4.0, and most browsers that correctly render HTML 3.2.


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If you’re new to the Internet and need help getting comfortable with this website, see the Internet Basics page.

If you still have questions or problems to do with this website, you can e-mail your question to

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Buy workbooks

To order by phone, call KET (800-354-9067) Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm EST. To order online, click the link Order workbooks and videos under Workplace Essential Skills or Test Connection, located in Teach or Learn. Or click this direct link to order online now.

Organizations may qualify for big savings on Workplace Essential Skills, Pre-GED and GED Connection workbooks and videos, under our state license system. To order individual workbooks or more than 10 sets, call KET at (800) 354-9067 for special pricing.