Virtual Classroom

The Online Management System's Virtual Classroom provides an interface for teachers to track enrollment, respond to student portfolio work via e-messaging, and generate reports of learners' progress and demographics. LiteracyLink offers customized training for virtual classroom instructors using the Online Management System.

For Adult education programs: The fee to use the system is $500 per virtual classroom per year; cost-effective state licenses are available. Contact KET at 800-354-9067, or via e-mail to find out more

Virtual Classroom page allows you to see the portfolios of your students.

This page lists all of the students in your Virtual Classroom. To enter your Virtual Classroom, students must choose you as their teacher, and you must approve their request to join your Virtual Classroom. When that happens, they are listed here.

Click a student's name to access his/her portfolio. The date of their last work is shown, along with the date of your most recent feedback. A yellow star indicates that a learner has done more work since your most recent feedback.

How to Open and Close Your Classroom to Learners
The Activate My Virtual Classroom button in your Home Space enables you to open and close your classroom to a new learner's view. You will be asked to choose whether to immediately open your classroom or to keep it closed to enrollment until a later date. In order for your learners to be able to choose you as their teacher, you must have your classroom open for enrollment. Click Activate to open. Click on the Update button.

If you keep your classroom closed, you can open it later using the Activate My Virtual Classroom icon at your Home Space. You can close the classroom at any time and still serve the learners you have already accepted.

Teachers: How to Comment on Your Learners' Online Work
Click the Manage My Virtual Classroom button at your Home Space to see a list of the learners you have accepted into your classroom. When you click on a learner's name, you will be brought to a page that summarizes the learner's saved portfolio work to-date. A star next to a name indicates the learner has entered work, has added to their portfolio, and/or changed an existing entry since you last checked it. Click on the Happy Face icon to see the learners' profile.

To view a learner's portfolio entry, click on that student's name. Then click on the starred Area for WES activities, and under Title for GED Tests, modules and activities. You will see the questions that were to be answered in the activity, read the learner's response, and find a text box to enter your comments. You will also see boxes where you can mark the assignment as Attempted (more work is needed) or Completed (no more work is needed). When you type your comments into the text box, be sure to click the Save button to record your remarks into the portfolio. To see earlier versions of your comments and/or the learner's portfolio entries, click on the History button.

Additional Help for Distance Learners:
If your student needs more instruction than you can provide online, he or she can find a local pre-GED, ESL, or literacy program at America's Literacy Directory ( using his or her zip code.