Virtual Classroom: How to request a teacher if you are part of a continuing virtual classroom.

Please note: The instructions below only apply to learner enrolled in a class or program that has a LiteracyLink Online Management System virtual classroom.

LiteracyLink Online is free to students who are working independently, as well as learners who are enrolled in a class. If you are working independently, click the link for a list of volunteer teachers. Choose a teacher whose classroom is open for enrollment, and the teacher will receive a message from you requesting to be added to his/her class. You'll get a message in return, after the teacher has had a chance to log in and consider your request, accepting you or advising you to request a different teacher.

Follow the directions below to choose your own teacher:

From your personal Home Space, click the Teacher icon

Click in the textbox to get a list of states. Scroll through the list and click on your state. Click on the List Programs button. Find your program name and click the "Choose" dot next to your program. Find your teacher's name and click the "Choose" dot . Click Submit. This sends an e-mail request to the teacher. Check the mailbox in your Home Space daily to see if your teacher responds.

If you are accepted into a virtual classroom by that teacher, your portfolio will be open for review and comment.