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Pre-GED Connection

A Complete System for GED Preparation
Pre-GED Connection, part of the PBS LiteracyLink Project, offers excellent intermediate level pre-GED preparation to precede or supplement GED Connection.

Pre-GED Connection provides the necessary foundation for adult learners at the 6-8 reading level. Before they can tackle GED-level work, these learners need to develop basic skills and content-area knowledge at a level that is comfortable for them.

With the addition of new Pre-GED Connection workbooks, Pre-GED Teacher Guide lesson plans, and a locator test, teachers now have all of the tools that they need to meet student needs and manage multi-level classrooms.

Five Pre-GED Workbooks
Five four-color pre-GED level workbooks help learners strengthen their basic reading, writing, math, graphic literacy, and thinking skills as well as their knowledge of science and social studies. Each workbook chapter corresponds to a video program.

Teacher Guide Pre-GED Lesson Plans and Locator Test
In addition to 26 Pre-GED lessons plans, the Teacher's Guide provides a GED Connection Locator Test. Based on student results, teachers have three options:

  • Placing a student at the pre-GED level in all subject areas
  • Placing a student at the GED level in all subject areas
  • Placing a student at the pre-GED level in some areas and at the GED level in others

Pre-GED Connection Video Package to Match Workbooks
The Pre-GED Connection video series contains 26 of the 39 GED Connection programs. Titles are the same, but program numbers match pre-GED workbook chapters. Teachers can either use the pre-GED videotape package, which matches the workbooks, or follow a chart in the Teacher Guide to determine which GED Connection video program corresponds to the new pre-GED lesson.

Pre-GED Online Websites
Pre-GED learners who visit the LiteracyLink web site at will find a page of 26 links to web sites with information and activities related to the lessons in their workbooks.