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GED/Pre-GED Connection Program Crosswalk

Twenty-six of the original 39 GED Connection programs make up the Pre-GED Connection series. These videos and the Pre-GED Connection workbooks, created to accompany the 26 programs, contain material appropriate for learners at the 6th- to 8th-grade reading level.

The chart below provides a listing of the program numbers and titles of corresponding GED Connection and Pre-GED Connection programs. A blank box under the Pre-GED programs indicates that there is no corresponding video program at that level.

GED Connection Programs Pre-GED Connection Programs
1. GED Connection Orientation  
2. Passing the GED Writing Test  
3. Getting Ideas on Paper 1. Getting Ideas on Paper
4. The Writing Process 2. The Writing Process
5. Organized Writing 3. Organized Writing
6. Writing Style and Word Choice  
7. Effective Sentences 4. Effective Sentences
8. Grammar and Usage 5. Grammar and Usage
9. Spelling, Punctuation, and Capitalization 6. Spelling, Punctuation, and Capitalization
10. The GED Essay  
11. Passing the GED Reading Test  
12. Nonfiction 7. Nonfiction
13. Fiction 8. Fiction
14. Poetry 9. Poetry
15. Drama 10. Drama
16. Passing the GED Social Studies Test  
17. Themes in U.S. History 11. Themes in U.S. History
18. Themes in World History 12. Themes in World History
19. Economics 13. Economics
20. Civics and Government 14. Civics and Government
21. Geography 15. Geography
22. Passing the GED Science Test  
23. Life Science 16. Life Science
24. Earth and Space Science 17. Earth and Space Science
25. Chemistry 18. Chemistry
26. Physics 19. Physics
27. Passing the GED Math Test  
28. Number Sense 20. Number Sense
29. Problem Solving 21. Problem Solving
30. Decimals 22. Decimals
31. Fractions 23. Fractions
32. Ratio, Proportion, and Percent 24. Ratio, Proportion, and Percent
33. Measurement 25. Measurement
34. Formulas  
35. Geometry  
36. Data Analysis 26. Data Analysis
37. Statistics and Probability  
38. Introduction to Algebra  
39. Special Topics in Algebra and Geometry