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Workbook Corrections

At KET, we make every effort to provide the most up-to-date, accurate materials possible. Some errors on the list below were from the first workbook printing and have already been corrected; others will be corrected in our next reprint. If you discover an error, please send an e-mail message to us at We appreciate your efforts and thank you for your help!

GED Connection Book Page Location Description Notes
Math 11 #25 Slope formula differs from the one shown on page 340 (GED Formulas page), but the answer is correct. Same as in Fast Track book, page 53.
Math 106 #21 Answer wrong - should read 2/5 instead of 3/5  
Math 180* Platform design problem In step 2 of the platform design problem, c2=32+42, all of the "2"s should be superscript: c2=32+42  
Math 185* #3 Find the volume in cubic inches of a cylinder with a length of 3 feet and a diameter of 10 inches. (rather than "radius" of 10 inches).  
Math 189* #27 Should say, "Find the area of the rooms in square feet (rather than square yards).  
Math 193 #4 Should say, "According to the circle graph, the cost of the lot and landscaping is about what fraction of the total cost of the furnished model homes?" (rather than the Rosewood Heights model).  
Math 245* #26 Last sentence should read "What is the mean temperature for the six day period?" (instead of five)  
Math 257* #6 Problem set up wrong - only 4y should be over 2 Answer key is correct
Math 266   Possible answer should be 24 (not offered)  
Math 316 #18 Answer should read interest/account balance = 5.5/100 = 66/x  
Math 330 #6 Answer is wrong - should read (4)=24, a=2(2) (11-5), a=4(6)=24  
Science/Social Studies 207* Drawing Carbon atom should have only 6 electrons (not 7)  
Fast track 53 #25 Slope formula differs from the one shown on page 204 -- GED Formula page, but the answer is correct. Same as in Math book, page 11.
* Note: Error in first edition was corrected before subsequent reprinting.

Workplace Essential Skills Book Page Location Description Notes
Employment 31 #8 Should be "ask Ms. Graham"  
Math 22 ¶2 Should say "shift, hours, tags, and minutes…"