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Teacher Resources

KET's Online GED® Outreach Toolkit
KETís online GED® Outreach Toolkit, at, is chock-full of free resources to help you make a smooth transition to the new test.

2002/2014 GED® Test Comparison (pdf file)
KET created this chart for teachers, to highlight the differences between the 2002 and 2014 tests. The chart draws from information found in assessment guides, from conferences, and from direct correspondence with GED Testing Service®. This printable quick-reference chart highlights major changes to the test and tells where to find more information about each topic.

2014 GED® Test and GED Connection Crosswalk (pdf file)
For 2014, GEDTS has reorganized content for each subject area as it relates to the Common Core State Standards in each topic. GED Connection instruction supports many of the new GEDTS assessment targets, but not all. This crosswalk identifies the chapters/programs that do cover the new assessment targets, helping use the materials to achieve learner goals. In the crosswalk, each 2014 assessment target is listed on the left. The GED Connection materials that target the 2014 topic are listed to the right.

LiteracyLink Teacher’s Guide (pdf files)
This comprehensive teacher’s guide contains a wealth of information to help teachers make the most of each part of the LiteracyLink System. Feel free to download all or part of the guide in PDF format at no charge.

Answer Keys
Answers to the GED Connection quizzes and practice tests.

Estimating Seat Time for Learners Using LiteracyLink
These guidelines were developed by Project IDEAL to help states establish policies for distance learning. See pages 12 and 13 of the report for information about calculating time on task for Workplace Essential Skills and GED Connection study.

Correlations and Crosswalks
Detailed reports show how LiteracyLink materials correlate to widely-used national assessment tools and to each other.

  • Correlation - WES to CASAS
  • Correlation - WES to National Work Readiness Credential
  • Correlation - WES to TABE 7 & 8
  • Crosswalk for GED/Pre-GED Connection videos
  • Crosswalk for WES & GED Preparation

GED Connection Program Synopses (pdf file)
Major ideas and the people and ideas to watch for in each video.

Locator Tests
Assessment for placing learners at GED or Pre-GED levels.

Teaching Tips
Tips to help you strengthen students' skills in math, writing, and critical thinking in preparation for the GED 2002 Exam.

Lexile® Levels for LiteracyLink Workbooks
Using Lexile levels can help you match learners to the most appropriate materials. This PDF gives Lexile measures for all GED/Pre-GED Connection and Workplace Essential Skills workbooks.

Major Black Writers
Find works by or about some of America's top writers in GED and Pre-GED video, workbooks and online.

National Field Tests

  • National Field Test of Workplace Essential Skills (Report), November 2001
  • National Field Test of Workplace Essential Skills (Executive Summary), November 2001
  • National Field Test (Abstract), November 2001

Online Management System (OMS) Instruction Sheet
Instructions to help learners and teachers to register and for teachers to open their virtual classroom.

Using Video to its Best Advantage
Research-based guidelines to help instructors get the most out of multimedia lessons.

WES Customer Service Curriculum (pdf file)
A Work Readiness Training Program utilizing PBS LiteracyLink's Workplace Essential Skills

WES Pilot Evaluation (pdf file)
Results of the first study on the performance of adults using Workplace Essential Skills in 5 pilot sites.

WES Program Synopses (pdf file)
Learning focus, key concepts, story synopsis and list of real-life interviews for each program.

WES Scene Summaries (pdf file)
Workplace Essential Skills Scene Summaries and descriptions

Workbook Corrections
Workbook corrections for PBS LiteracyLink® GED Connection and Workplace Essential Skills workbooks.