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What about my bill?

Click on the red circles on the bill below for a brief description.

  1. Account Number:
    Your account number appears in this location.
  2. Account Name:
    Your account name appears in this location.
  3. Electric Rate:
    Code for rate on which you are billed.
  4. Meter Number:
    Identification number of meter at service location.
  5. Period of Service:
    Date of previous and current meter readings.
  6. Number of Days:
    Shows number of days in billing cycle.
  7. Kilowatt Hours:
    Indicates number of hours of kWh present billing period.
  8. Description of Charges:
    This area lists description of all itemized charges on bill.
  9. Energy Usage Comparison:
    This area shows kilowatt hours for the current month, the previous month, and for the same month one year ago. This enables you to compare your energy usage.
  10. Current Charges & Due Date:
    Shown here is the current amount due, plus any past due amounts, along with due dates for both.
  11. Service Rate:
    Explanation of the rate classification on which you are billed.
  12. Message Window:
    Important messages will appear here concerning your account status.
  13. Membership Message:
    Information about REC products and services, and other membership information.
  14. Account Name & Address:
    This area shows your account name and address.